Busan International Rock Festival


Stratovarius from Finland debuted in 1982, become famous with the release of their 4th album 「Fourth Dimensio. Succeed with all of their album that followed such as「Episode」,「Visions」, and「Destiny, etc. They have a reputation as a pioneer in the 'power metal band' scene. Their song 'Forever' that from the album「Episode」was on the Korean KBS Drama "First Love" in 1996 and it was loved by many Koreans. They plan to play their song 「Nemesis」in this summer and other golden age classics for their Busan fans.
Timo Kotipelto(Vocalist), Jens Johansson(Keyboard), Rolf Pilve(Drum), Lauri Porra(Base), Matias Kupiainen(Guitar)


Korea's Representative rock band YB was formed after vocalist Yun Do Hyen's, solo debut in 1994. They have released eight regular album since and they focus on live performance. Every year, YB tours Korea and is known to have the best concerts. YB music evokes honest feelings of anger, and true courage. They play music based on rock with a twist. From Folk Rock, to Club Rock ; collaborate with orchestras, DJs , Korea traditional instruments, they cross the borders of genre. In 2002 during the World Cup, Koreans could be heard singing YB's songs, ' Oh Fighting Kora', and ' Arirang". Yun Do Hyen's strong voice is admired by people around world, which is why YB's music is Korea's Representative rock band.
Yun Do Hyen (Vocal) Park Tae Hee (Base), Kim Jin Won(Drum), Heo Jun (Guitar) , Scott (Guitar)

Han Young Aea

She starts her career as member of ' Sunflower', and released two album. She majoring acting in college. In 1985, she released her album and start pursuing music again. After that she built up her music career as main vocalist in the band, Shin Chon Blues. She released her second album in 1988. From then on, she showed her style be unlike other female vocalist with the songs such as " Is Anyone There?" " Rhino". Her rough and strong singing voice was loved by the public. With her third album which included " it doesn't make sense" and " Tuning", she become famous as a singer song writer. In 1999, in her fifth album Nan'Da' she added electronic music to complement her traditional blues and rock music. She also remixed old song like " spring day is go by" on this album using techno music. She successfully reflected her music experience in " Behind Time" in 2003

No brain

The first generation of punk rock band No brain was formed in 1996. They started their career in a small club near HongDae in Seoul. They have had more than 3000 live performances and break down the border between Indy music and popular music, this has a introduced rock music to the broader public. They had been play rock music for 17 years, but never settle for what they did, Continuously blazing a new trail, they make their own history. We are expect No brain will overcome their know-how, and keep challenging their boundaries. Whenever they visit in Busan No brain always gives their best performance.
Lee Sung Woo (Vocalist), Jung Min June (Guitar) Jung Woo Yong(Base) Hwang Hean Sung (Drum)

Crying Nut

The punk rock band Crying Nut has grown up unrivaled in the scene and become one of the representative rock bands in Korea when they released the song " Maldalija" which means let's run. The song was catharetic during IMF crisis time and they exploded from the Indy scene in to the public. Due to military service, they had to away for a while, but as soon as they were discharge from the military in Jan, 2005, they started up again Since then ,they have kept pursuing their creative music work. Release singles " Hello whale", the tittle song 'isn't it good' that sound track of the movie " isn't it good?" etc. and performing often.
Park Yun Sik (Vocalist) Lee Sang Mean(Guitar), Lee Sang Heock(Drum) Han Keong Rok(Base) Kim In Su (keyboard)


SOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS is six members 'Death Jazz' group from Japan. They have followings Japan and Europe. Due to their passionate stage manner, their sound, and their dynamic have shows, they are called ' Death Jazz'. They met at a club event in Tokyo in 2001. They went on to perform with famous Japanese singers at the Fuji Rock Festival, Sunset live. They also participated in domestic and foreign festivals, going on to play at major musical show in Japan. Shacho, a member of the band is not a musician, he is an 'agitator'. His role is to add heat on their dynamic 'Death" live show, just like another instrument . In August you can meet SOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS as heat up Busan
Shacho (agitator), Tabu zombie (Trumpet), Motoharu (Saxophone), Josei(Piano), Akita Goldman(Base), Midorin(Drum)

Kim Bada

Kim Ba Da will play at the 14th Busan International Rock Festival. Last year he appeared on " I Am Singer Season 2". He captivated viewer's attention with his splendid stage manner and passionate, powerful voice. As the 5th Vocalist from the Legendary heavy metal band," Shi Na Wie", he released his first solo album' 「1st Solo Album Part1」in April. His previous music, was progressive, psychedelic based on band sound. However this solo album consists of songs that do not deviate from the rock sprit and basic form so it is more accessible than his previous songs. Busan is waitting for Kim Ba Da's brand new songs in August


PIA opened for LINKIN PARK in November 2003, and LIMP BIZKIT' December 2003. With these two performances, PIA became known world wide. Their album「Urban Explorers」released in 2008 showed that they haven't lost their established power and aggressive side. However, PIA showed their skills as growing artists by adding new melodious counterpoint to their aggressive rock. They have also competed with Korea's best bands and they won the first place on a survival program "KBS Top band 2"
Ok Yoe Han(Vocalist), Helraeng(Guitar), Ki Bum(Base), Hea Seong (Drum), ShimJi(F,X)

escape plan

Stratovarius from Finland debuted in 1982, become famous with the release of their 4th album 「Fourth Dimensio. Succeed with all of their album that followed such as「Episode」,「Visions」, and「Destiny, etc. They have a reputation as a pioneer in the 'power metal band' scene. Their song 'Forever' that from the album「Episode」was on the Korean KBS Drama "First Love" in 1996 and it was loved by many Koreans. They plan to play their song 「Nemesis」in this summer and other golden age classics for their Busan fans.
Timo Kotipelto(Vocalist), Jens Johansson(Keyboard), Rolf Pilve(Drum), Lauri Porra(Base), Matias Kupiainen(Guitar)

Dave Lake

The motto of this band is " Be free in music", Dave Lake is based on Pop with a mix of 'Rock' 'Jazz' and 'Latin' music. Dave Lake pursuit of pleasant music captivates the audience. In 2007, they released their debut album [Urban Life Style], and were selected to appear in the 'Hello rookie' segment of the EBS Space 'Sympathy show in 2012. They released their third album [SPACEenSUM] which maximized their musical ability and sold out shows in August 2012. Selected as " The artist of year" in Mint paper awards 2012, they had their best year since releasing their third album. Recently they were on the show KBS2 TV" Immortal Classic" they took first place in two times' appearance. and it shows their music is getting close to the public.
Kim Jang Won (Key board) Lee Won Suck (Vocalist) Jung Yu Jong (Guitar) Kim Sun li (Base)


Dickpunks was form in 2006. Since then, they have performed at HongDae in Seoul. After achieving second place of Mnet "Superstar K4", Dickpunks has had more opportunity to play. Not only do they perform at concerts and music festivals but they also perform on TV and radio. A Critic, Lim Jin Mo described their music as very fresh, which means they never lose youth and puck feel include piano, so like colorful panorama it can be covered with their multi playing. This August we are going to meet dickpunks in Busan and look forward to it.
Kim Tae Hyen (Vocalist), Kim Hean Woo (Synthesizer), Park Ga Ram (Drum), Kim Jae Hong (Guitar)

Harry Big Button

Harry Big Button is a four member post hard rock band that play vintage sounds. The band name means " The car stereo with vintage big button". They started their music career in July 2011 with a live stage performance. After appearing on KBS 2TV Band Survival Top Band2 2012, they dispeled the public's prejudice about appearing on hard rock image was with strong sound and passionate stage presence. They released their first EP album, [Hard ‘N’ Loud], in Aug. 2011 and first regular album, [King’s Life], in Oct. 2012
Lee Sung Soo (Vocalist & Guitar), Park Ju Young (Guitar), Oh In Seock (Base) Seo Seong Wan(Drum)


Toxic become known to public when they won the KBS Top band Season 1. Judge Yu Yong Suck said " This band music stimulates the instinct", Judge Kim Jong Jin said " Although only 2 members the music is most aggressive and destructive. Right after winning, they started work on their own music and released their first Mini Album, – [First Bridge] since then, they have continued their experimenting and challenge their own music.
Kim Jung Wu (Vocalist &Guitar & Key board), Kim Seol Wong (Vocal&Drum&DJ)

Romantic Punch

The tittle of " Second place on KBS Top Band" is does not do justice to Romantic Punch. This band did not debut suddenly, Starting their career in 2003 under the name 'Wash the dishes". They changed their name to 'Romantic Punch" in 2009 and from that time have done more than 1000 played during the street performance. Romantic Punch is not enough to explain as second place of Top band, Hello Rookie in segment on the EBS program 'Sympathy'. Last year, they released EP「Silent Night」and have been performing regularly. This August Romantic Punch will make San-Rack an even more romantic place.
An Hueck (Vocalist) Conchi (Guitar), Leiz (Guitar), Hana (Base) Trikey(Drum)

Kingston Rudieska

Kingston Rudieska consists of nine members and play Jamaica Ska music . They named their band after Kingston which capital of Jamaica and Rudie has meaning for "Brats." in Jamaican. They play not only Ska music which come Jameica's experience as a colony, Jamaica's lasting resentment of this experience and the joy of liberation, but also all kind of music styles derived from Jamaica. Such as Ska-jazz Reggae, Standard jazz, Dub, Niabingi. They combine this with a home grown Korea' style. So that they present their music just like " a squall". Kingston Rudieska, but combined with their own 'Janchi Ska"(dancing at Ska music)
Choi Chel Wook (leader &Trombone & Vocalist), Oh Jung Suck (Trumpet & Flugelhorn) Seong Nack Won (saxophone), Seo Jae Ha(Guitar), Lee Seock Yul(Vocal&percussion) Bae Seon Yong(Trumpet) Son Heong Sik (Base), Kim Eock Dae (Piano) Drum (Kim Dae Min)

Human Race

Human Race is new on the scene, They have released first EP 「It’s you」Human Race's vocalist Yun-Sung-Gi' is known for his performance on 'Voice of Korea." Voice of Korea is a famous audition program in Korea. They want to reflect everyone's pain in their music , whether small or big. Their music conveys the unknown ending of our life, as a curving race, sometime explain with trivial, blended simpleness or unrevealed sadness and sharpness of deepest part of the soul.
Yun Sung Gi (vocalist), Jang Jae Song (durm), Shin Jae Heack (Guitar) Choi Min Su (base)


The music of Solution involves diversity. Like in 21st of Japanese public, American style's alternative which has a rough sound, true melody of contrary , and 90th's Brit pop which contain provocative and beauty of traditional. Solution released the digital single " Sounds of the universe" and captured audience. One month later, they released a second single 'Talk, Dance, Party for Love" which left a big impression once again. They took off with the self titled album, 'The SOLUTION', in Aug. 2012. It received a huge respond at the 'Grand Mint Festival 2012'. They performed at many clubs and were selected ' Best rookie of the year' in 'Grand Mint Awards'.
Park Sol(Vocal), Na Ru (Guitar)


Jenifer Isolation was formed 2009 in Fukuoka, performing around Japan. They have their unique stage manner and remarkable collaboration of four unique members. Vocalist Abe daro's rapping and shouting is outstanding. Janifer Isolation is blends elements of punk, heavy metal, and rap. This makes their music regardless genre, challenge and new.
Abe daro(Vocal) Ono takeshi hiroshi (Guitar) Yamamoto yikumi (Base) Shai toyo kenji (Drum)

Dear Cloud

Dear Cloud released their first album [dear cloud] in 2007 to critical acclaim from singer Yu Hee Yeal, Lee Jeack, Kim Dong yul, Lee So La. Now this band represent modern rock in Korea. They have released three regular albums and one EP album. Last year, Nine(the vocalist) released his own album [9Stories]and the band took a break. After two year hiatus, they released their new album [Let it Shine] in April. Changing from darker moody music to a more up heat bright sound.
Nine (Vocalist) Yong Lin(Guitar) Yi Lang(Base) To Geon(Drum)

Yellow Monsters

Yellow Monsters a band Formed by Choi Jae Hueck from Deli Spicy, Han Jin Young from My Aunt Mary, Lee Yong Won from Gumx. They released their debut album 「Yellow Monsters」in July. 2010, and followed their debut with 「Riot」July 2011. As a three members funk rock band, Yellow Monsters wants to bring their brand of oriental rock music to the ears of world audiences. This band has been recognized by both the public and critics. They were nominated for ' Best Rock Album' in 2011 at the " Korea Music Festival "
Lee Yong Won (Vocalist & Guitar), Han Jin Young (Base & Vocal), Choi Jae Hueck (Drum&Vocal)


Soran band unlike their name, play classy modern rock and emotional pop. They started their present line up in 2009 with the release of the EP [ Why didn't I know, at that moment]. From Mongni, Gong Tae Woo Serengeti, Jung Ju Won, and 10cm Kwaon Jung Yeal participated in this album. Later, Soran was selected as the "Best rookie of the year" at the " Grand Mint Festival 2011" and the" Beautiful Mint Festival 2011". When they published their first regular album in April 2012, they got the public's attention at once. The lyrics captured those moments of simple daily life. Their technical skill is the strength of Soran. Their tittle song " Don't lose weight" received a lot of support from women and placed high on Korea's bilboard chart. They have performed at many festivals. They played sold out shows and gained recognitions as blue chip in performance field.
Seo Myeon Ho (Base), Lee Tae Wok( Guitar) , Pyen Yu Yil (Drum)


Dailyland Youth were organized in Milwaukee USA. Recently they release an EP, [Vengence] while planing an Asia tour. Here in Busan
B-rad(Vocal) Dairyland Dan(Base&Vocal) Dave(Drum&Vocal) Adam(Guitar&Vocal)

No.1 Korean

No.1 Korean is a six members Skapunk band with broad domestic recognition. They have also played at oversea's rock festival and clubs. Their exciting, unique styles and their original songs means that No.1 Korean's style brings everyone to the dance floor. Recently, they distinguished themselves various areas and have seen played in movie, sitcom, CF, and theaters. Their release,[Do not lonely], and are promoting for upcoming events.
Kwon Woo Yu(Vocalist), Ru Hae Won (Drum), Jeon Sung Chan (Trombone), Choi Yoon Su (Saxophone) Bang Ju (Base), Jung Chang Ho (Guitar)

Fever dogs

Fever dogs was formed in September. 2009 at a chicken shop located in the university area of Busan. They performed local in the scene. Appearing at Rock Festival, Zero Festival, Sunset live, as well as small pubs where drunken fans cheered. They have been play everywhere they could and not limited by genre or style. Continuously making new music, they play every week. On May 2012, they released the digital single, [Space Romance] and did their best for working on first album. They finally released their first regular album [My sweet nightmare], in June, 2013 take big step for get close to public.

Icy Cidar

The band Icy Cidar has the motto, 'just like their name clear and cool, sparkling punk rock.' Not limited to punk, they pursue various sounds. Above all, they have their own style which spreads their fresh, pleasant, highly delighted, and offensive(?) energy to audience, They devote their energetic passion to their music.
Ko Guang Pyo (Vocalist), Jeon Du Young(Guitar), Jung Haeng Jae(Guitar), Kim Tae Hun(Base), Jung Yean Sik(Drum)


Naty was formed in 1986, and is legendary in the Korean heavy metal scene. Based on their experience and knowhow during those time, their powerful sound can be heard not only in, but also at clubs large scales festivals. Naty displays of strong power and is scheduled to release a 3rd album in Korea and overseas at same time, They plan to release in 'China', 'Japan', 'East Asia,' 'Europe', 'USA' and tour there as well. The mainstay of Korean metal scene, 'Naty' will never stop.
Kim Sang Soo (Vocal&Guitar), Heo Jun Seock (Base), Park Jun Heang(Guitar), Kim Tae Soo(Drum)

Remnants of the Fallen

It is hard to find upcoming bands in Korean heavy metal scene, but when Remnants of the Fallen debuted in 2009, they distinguished themselves in the heavy metal scene. They perform around Korea 3 to 4 times and rehearsal almost daily. Jan. 2013 they have set their sight on foreign so, released a regular EP, which was critically acclaimed. They are also selected to incubating program of a supporting band, even though playing extreme death metal sound but get recognition of musical ability .
Park Yong Bin(Vocalist), Lee Seong Jin(Base), Hong Seong Chan(Guitar) Lee Jae Yeon (Drum)


The mischievous funk band originated in Busan. Their debut performance at 12th Busan International Rock Festival brought them on to the Busan rock scene.